Early Intervention Autism Program

Early Intervention Autism Program

“Early Intervention is key!”

Early intervention can have a dramatic effect on the success of ABA therapy. That’s why receiving intervention services as early as possible is so crucial.

The earlier we see a child, the quicker and greater the success.

With early intervention, we can more rapidly close the development gap in order for your child to lead an independent life…in and out of the classroom.

Fun Learning Environment and Preschool Prep

Our early intervention program is designed for children with autism, ages birth to 5 years. It models aspects of a preschool to prepare your child and make the transition as smooth as possible.


We create a fun, loving environment where your child will learn the skills necessary to be prepared for preschool. Many children have begun saying their first words very shortly after joining our program!

Our Early Intervention Autism Program includes:

Our Early Intervention Autism Services Don't Stop Here.

We will work with you to ensure that you are equipped with strategies that will help you facilitate the learning your child has obtained during therapy hours in the home and community settings.

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